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We started OPPANG in early May of 2016 as a small family business located in Seoul, South Korea. In March of 2017 we sadly had to leave Korea but after a number of months considering it, we decided to reopen based in the US. We now have two locations, one based in Raleigh and one in Charlotte, so we can serve North Carolina with all its k-pop needs!

We sell k-pop fan merchandise like lightsticks, photocards, keyhains, metal badges, and much more. but our biggest focus is

k-pop albums! we have an entire wall full of k-pop albums for a variety of groups at both of our locations! We restock our albums and merch regularly and always take recommendations :)

many of our items come directly from south korea so we can provide unique merchandise to our customers. we also host k-pop events like photocard trading, cupsleeve events, k-pop idols birthday celebrations, comeback events, photocard decorating, festivals, and much more! we also hold promotional events and exclusive album comeback pop-up shops in collaboration with major k-pop media companies!

we are located on the second floor of a korean market, korean restaurant, and cafe in our Raleigh location, and inside of Pineville's Super G Mart in charlotte! north Carolina's very own k-town's right here at our stores! you can guarantee to be immersed in korean culture when you visit.

We hope to spread the love of korean culture and k-pop in every way we can!  


Thank you for supporting us <333

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